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Yay! Hi!

You came! A few things to start, I'm easy to get to know. I am a super open book, I wear everything on my sleeve! You can literally ask me anything and I'll always give you my best advice. I'm a follower of Jesus (newly and learning!) and my family means the world to me. My husband is my backbone, we have 3 beautiful children together that I cherish (and they also drive me nuts! Ha!) I was a young mama all 3 times and I wouldn't go back and change a thing.

How did Photography come about? I had a cheap Nikon in high school that I would play around with from time to time but I didn't go full force into learning until I had my daughter. I struggled with anxiety pretty bad after having her and needed something to dive into to bring me joy. I had no idea it would bring me this far. Not only have I gotten joy, but also friendships, income to provide, and a sense of confidence that I am capable of doing hard things. 

I know this is cheesy but in Elementary school, on every paper that asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always answered artist. I truly believe photography is an art form. I did it guys!


-I am an Ennegram two and thrive when helping people.

-I love authentic Ramen and watching the NBA

-I am a true hopeless romantic and dog lover! 

The Fam & Me!


"With a camera in my hand, I have no fear."

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